“Wedding Bells?”

We’ve all done it. Or at least something similar to it. 

You log on to facebook and begin looking aimlessly around, hoping for something decent to strike your attention. Nothing really does. Perhaps a picture of a kitten or a long rant about soap or something equally strange, but nothing else. A picture of a young couple catches your attention and causes you to change your mind on getting off the internet and doing some work.

They’ve been together for quite some time now, You think. I wonder if they will be taking the next step any time soon?

The wondering is perfectly innocent. It’s a normal thing to ponder over. So, you look through the few comments to see if the answer is there.

It is. Someone already asked the question for you.

‘Aww! When are the two of you getting married?’ The random person says.

Of course, there is no response, but it makes you feel better as someone else was wondering the same thing.

The only thing is, the couple, though very happy together, don’t feel quite ready to add shiny rings to the relationship. That’s perfectly alright. It’s their choice. It’s better to know for sure on something like that after all.

But they keep getting asked the question.

Every time they see a relative;

“When are you two getting married?”

Every time they see a person from church;

“How are the two of you doing? Wedding bells?”

Even when they pass by family members;

“Is he gonna ask you to marry him yet?”

“Not yet.” They say in response to each one.

“Oh no! Is something wrong?” The immediate concern is quite extreme.

“No! Everything is great!” They rush to explain.

“Then…” The questioners just stand there and narrow their eyes ever so slightly. Just enough that someone might notice if they cared enough to look.

“We just aren’t ready yet. I’m only 20 and he’s 21. We’re really young.” The couple explains, trying to remain patient. However, they are screaming inside.



Because the question is getting old. And extremely pushy.



Procrastination Must Be Destroyed!

So, procrastination is a good friend of mine.We go way back… But our relationship shall be kept a secret.

Only, I think it’s time to end it.

It became a hurtful relationship. So… I must say goodbye!


I have no freaking clue. Every night, I promise myself that I will actually wake up at 6 in the morning, do some yoga, make a healthy breakfast, get ready (even do my hair!) and then have a while to sit and read or write. A good start to my day before I have to be at work.

Now, what actually ends up happening is this; the alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button – even edit it for thirty minutes. When it decides I can’t snooze anymore, I do the required math problems to shut it up and go back to sleep until my next alarm goes off. This repeats itself until 7:30 or 8. I have to leave the house at 8:30.

Evil procrastination!

Of course, this cycle isn’t because I stay up late. I physically can’t. I fight dogs all day long, so I’m quite exhausted by the time I get home after dark. I’m honestly not sure how I get myself to exercise. (Seriously! Why am I not procrastinating on THAT?! Is that my way of procrastinating on my writing? Well… it’s healthy?)

Perhaps my over sleeping is because I’m getting too much sleep? I’ve heard that can be a problem too. It would make sense.

Sleeping besides the point, I want to write.

I want to finish a novel I’ve been working on for a couple of months now. I REALLY want to finish it. It’s a really good plot, if I do say so myself. It’s about mermaids…. and an evil scientist… and kidnappings…. That’s all the information I’m disclosing due to me being overly paranoid.

Why is it not finished? Why am I at a mere 14,000 words?


Curse word, curse word, procrastination.

I’m procrastinating on it right now, in fact.

I must admit, I’m writing a scene that I’m not particularly proud of. I don’t like the setting, or how it’s unfolding. It’s a boring scene. One that needs to explode into flames and then ram straight into a shooting star and burn again. But I’ll worry about it more in editing. Right now, I want to finish the book so I actually can edit it!

Wish me luck…

So, my question is this; What do you suggest to get myself to stop procrastinating? How do I make this novel a complete priority?

Those who have been following me for a while know this has been something I’ve struggled with a lot. I honestly enjoy writing and reading, but if I get stuck in a scene that isn’t working right, everything stops.


Oklahoma Snow

Those who have been following me for a while now know that I like the snow. In fact, I kind of love it. It’s an (dangerous) adventure to drive in, it’s cold instead of 110 degrees, it’s pretty, and occasionally it creates lazy days. 

Why would anyone choose summer over this thing known as winter?

I’m not entirely sure, but I try to understand.

There’s a snow storm traveling across the US right now, and the first wave of it just left Oklahoma. It’s around 15 degrees outside today and the wind chill is in the single didgets. We Oklahomans are not used to this. At all. Everyone is acting as though the world just came to an end. Though, I’m enjoying it. A lot.

It’s just a bit cold to play in the snow. 

I tried anyway by taking pictures of the dogs. I froze my butt off and I would so do it again if my hair wasn’t wet from my shower.

This was the result of my freezing adventure: