My Easter

As you probably know, today is Easter. It’s the day we use to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. If you believe that, that is. If you don’t, you can still get the candy!
I spent my Easter with my (hopefully) future family. My boyfriend’s aunt and uncle, both sets of grandparents, his cousin and her kids, his parents, and of course all the dogs.
Being a dog groomer, I have learned to take my box of supplies with me whenever I go to family functions. I always get asked if I can do nails. Always. It’s bad enough I sometimes feel like I should have a spare dremal and pair of clippers in my car at all times.
Today, I got to take off a couple of inches of a long/wire haired dashound named penny. Since I don’t have a grooming table, she didn’t turn out nearly as cute as she could have. But her momma loved her! Goodness, that dog is a squirmy butt!

Of course, I didn’t groom dogs all day. I played with the kids and watched them search for Easter eggs in the pouring rain. It was such a relaxing day! I love my second family.

“Trash bag” game video coming soon!

What did you guys do for Easter? Did you eat yourself sick like I probably will later?


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