Almost There…

I’ve been working very very hard on my outline for Coast Tied. I’m almost embarrassed to say how long it’s been.
4 months ago, I threw out the messy story about mermaids I had been writing and told myself to take it seriously and outline it. And boy, I’m very glad I did.
I finished my outline today. I know where I’m heading. I know my characters. I would probably do anything for these imaginary beings.
I never used to outline. I didn’t like it. I prefered to jump in and do the part I loved best – writing. But I’ve lost count of how many stories have been abandoned after the 10,000 word mark where I loose steam.
I always end up learning that I don’t know the characters. That I don’t understand what they are going through. I ultimately feel like a horrible writer with a terrible story for nitwits and cry myself to sleep. The same thing happens for weeks working on it until I abandon the idea and go to the next one.
Now that I’m done with the outline, I’m beyond thrilled. Even that seems like an understatement. I have something finished and on paper. A step of another novel completed. A small step, yes, by it’s a step nonetheless!
I just thought I would share my excitement with you all!



Peaceful Death

We all want to believe there is a place we go after we die. A better place. We use this to comfort us when loved ones die and on the fateful day when we move on as well.
In the past two weeks, I lost my adopted grandmother. She was the sweetest lady on this Earth. The very first day I met her, in fact, she told me she loved me. The thing is, she meant it too.
The day my boyfriend told me his grandmother died, I fell onto my grooming table in tears. It’ll be impossible to accept this lady’s death. But, she was constantly sick. Not just sick with the flu or something like that, she had pnenomia, could no longer walk, had to breathe with an oxygen tank, and could no longer leave the house.
She is in a much better place now. She can run with the best of them.
Today, I’m facing the death of a dog. It’s not my dog, it’s my future father in law’s dog. He’s 15 years old and has lived outside his whole life. For the past two weeks though, his body has begun to shut down. Today he can’t get up to do anything. When I try to hand feed him, he spits everything out. It’s the saddest thing! As I wait for his human daddy to come home from work and take over my vigil/deal with it, I’m left thinking about death.
I see it as a peaceful thing. Often, it’s after a huge and painful struggle that a person dies. Once it’s over, there’s no more pain.
So, if you would, pray for my adopted family and I as we mourn both the loss of this amazing hunting dog, and the sweetest grandmother ever. Even though I see death as a peaceful thing, it’s not an easy thing to accept for those left behind.