Almost There…

I’ve been working very very hard on my outline for Coast Tied. I’m almost embarrassed to say how long it’s been.
4 months ago, I threw out the messy story about mermaids I had been writing and told myself to take it seriously and outline it. And boy, I’m very glad I did.
I finished my outline today. I know where I’m heading. I know my characters. I would probably do anything for these imaginary beings.
I never used to outline. I didn’t like it. I prefered to jump in and do the part I loved best – writing. But I’ve lost count of how many stories have been abandoned after the 10,000 word mark where I loose steam.
I always end up learning that I don’t know the characters. That I don’t understand what they are going through. I ultimately feel like a horrible writer with a terrible story for nitwits and cry myself to sleep. The same thing happens for weeks working on it until I abandon the idea and go to the next one.
Now that I’m done with the outline, I’m beyond thrilled. Even that seems like an understatement. I have something finished and on paper. A step of another novel completed. A small step, yes, by it’s a step nonetheless!
I just thought I would share my excitement with you all!